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Book Reading Tracker


DEARFAM, book reading tracker is a digital book reading log journal with reading timer designed for sharing between children, families and teachers through text, email and other platforms. It helps you track your reading, manage your books /good reads, build a lasting reading habit, and better remember what you have read.

Motivate your child by taking interest in what they are reading. Check their reading list, find out what they have learned, what they thought was interesting and what emotions they felt while reading certain parts of a book.

Key Features

  • Add all the epic books and good reads you’ve discovered during the years to the Read Books list.
  • Schedule your desired days and times for your friendly reading reminders.
  • Receive alerts when it is time to Drop Everything and Read For A Moment.
  • Read with child or allow them to read independently and share with you later
  • Use the before reading prompts to encourage critical thinking
  • Start the reading timer, so that you can track how long you have read
  • During book reading, use the prompts to make connections with the text, capture interesting quotes, note new words and ask questions
  • After book reading, discuss your favorite part of the story, favorite character, summarize your reading
  • Share your book reading log journal entry by text, email or another platform with family, friends or teachers


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