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  • App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • SQA Engineering


Social networking or event planning App


Gatha App is developed to to assist friends and family to have a single place to coordinate and connect through their get together’s. No more scrolling through endless chat messages to find the details of where to meet and what to bring – Gatha is an easy to use App that not only allows you to manage the invite, event details and RSVP’s – but all also chat and share photos through the event, and even easily settle all bills at the end.

Key Features

  • Setup your get togetha details and invite your friends within the app directly off your phone contact list
  • Track your friends RSVPs and chat within a closed group of friends on that specific Gatha
  • Use the Bring List to ask or nominate friends to bring what’s needed to the event
  • Friends can upload photos in Gatha to the shared album so everyone has the memories
  • During the Gatha, friends can capture expenses and who shared them, with a running split bill total, and settle up calculation after the event
  • Whilst the Gatha event is in progress you can track friends on a live map, to make sure you don’t loose each other
  • Throughout the Gatha the app is providing notifications to keep you updated


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