• App Developement
  • UI/UX Design
  • SQA Engineering


  • Native Android
  • iOS
  • PHP
Sports team management App.

GMT Football Club

GMT portal is to manage games and players of GMT Football Club.

Key Features

  • Create a team and invite friends. Users should be able to easily create a new team and invite their friends to join.
  • Manage team members and schedules. Users should be able to manage their team members, including adding and removing members, setting roles and permissions, and creating and scheduling matches.
  • Find and join other teams. Users should be able to find and join other teams in their area, based on their skill level and availability.
  • Communicate with teammates. Users should be able to communicate with their teammates through the app, including sending messages, creating group chats, and scheduling voice or video calls.
  • Track team performance and progress. Users should be able to track their team’s performance and progress over time, including wins, losses, and ties, as well as individual player stats.
  • Have fun! The app should be easy to use and fun to use, with a focus on helping people connect with others and enjoy playing football.


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