LiveCirkit mobile app interface - Codexia Technologies


  • App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • SQA Engineering


  • Native Android
  • iOS
live streaming and social networking platform.


Prepare to have the time of your life while streaming via LiveCirkit. The advanced virtual community connects its users to one another for the most incredible social interactions via live stream format. We’ve simplified the process of staying connected through video and audio by creating a seamless live stream experience for all to enjoy. Users can maximize their interactions with one another, going live to stream as often as they’d like and for as long as they want. Spend as little as a few minutes or as long as several hours streaming with others!

Key Features

  • Easily create custom videos and upload them directly to the platform within minutes.
  • Share videos with friends and followers in seconds.
  • Send and receive direct messages from other users to keep the conversations flowing.
  • Engage in exciting video calls with friends, family, and followers on your own time.
  • Save viewers as friends at your convenience to stay connected to them and make it even easier to chat with them again in the future.


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