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Online Car Marketplace App


PoWA Cars is an innovative App revolutionizing the way you shop for cars. With a nationwide selection of over 4 million vehicles, this digital car-buying solution provides customers with everything they need to make their dream ride come true! Get ready to experience modern convenience like never before and become part of our dynamic community today.

With PoWĂ Cars Service Portal, you can schedule maintenance at your convenience and pay for parts and services in the app for faster checkout! Plus, keep track of all your vehicle history with a digital folder for quick access when you need it most.

PoWĂ Cars provide notifications and video chat services that deliver vital information directly to your devices. Stay in the loop about offers, updates, order statuses, and more delivered quickly, reliably, and securely.

Key Features

  • Innovative car shopping app with a nationwide selection of over 4 million vehicles.
  • Expanded Search feature provides access to a vast inventory of cars with over 99% dealership visibility.
  • Service Portal for scheduling maintenance and easy payments within the app, along with a digital vehicle history folder.
  • Modern Communications including notifications and video chat for quick and secure information delivery.
  • Best-in-Class Security with 128-bit encryption and hash sequence for secure payment and data protection.


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