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Mobile payment App or a digital wallet App

PurePay Connect

PurePay Connect is a mobile payments solution powered by Sage Pay. Codexia Technologies developed mobile Apps for users to process payments. A first in South Africa, Pure Pay Connect is the first Secure Mobile Payment Solution that ONLY uses your Smartphone. This business tool provides you with the power of a portable point-of-sale device at your fingertips, without the cost and need of any extra card machine devices or a Bank Merchant account. All you need to get started is the FREE Pure Pay Mobile App, your Smartphone, and a Sage Pay account.

Key Features

  • Payment options: Instant EFT, Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard), Masterpass™, VISA Checkout.
  • Affordable Instant Mobile Payment Solution: you can get paid as soon as the job is complete.
  • Easy Built in Reporting: not only letting you keep track of your employees’ progress and payments requested, but also on what work was completed, where and when.
  • Built in Device tracking: You always know where all your employees’ are located, enabling you to assign the closest employee to their next job location.
  • Your own business Web Interface, where you can send the next job address directly to your employee’s phone running Pure Pay Connect, for easy GPS navigation to their next job location. You can also monitor income generated, see customer trends and more.
  • Be Professional: Impress your customers, use Pure Pay Connect and get the edge over your competitors.
  • Get started all in one: Apply for a Sage Pay account, enable your admin panel and activate devices – all from within Pure Pay Connect.


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