Jehron Pillay

I’m a cardiac surgeon and tech entrepreneur from South Africa. I’ve been working for a couple of months now with Ali and the team at Codexia. An absolutely fantastic bunch and I’ve had a great experience. They deliver on time, they handle quite technologically challenging concepts and they’ve really brought a few projects together for… Continue reading Jehron Pillay

Arthur van Cadsand

We are a streaming company, we stream live jazz from venues and people can either pay subscription just like Netflix or paper concerts. And from the moment we engaged with Codexia, their team demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise and commitment that exceeded my expectation. They showcased a deep understanding of what we wanted and… Continue reading Arthur van Cadsand

Gavin Sheppard

We have had the pleasure of working with Ali and the team at Codexia Tech for the past 12 months to develop our web and mobile apps for water tank monitoring. We have been really pleased with the quality of the work produced and the speed of delivery. They have worked hard to find solutions… Continue reading Gavin Sheppard

Matt Gardner

My brother and I decided to make an app. So we found Ali and Codexia Technologies and have been extremely happy with their work. When I have a new feature request or a change in a previously built feature, They fix any problems quickly, usually within a day. They have never said to me, we… Continue reading Matt Gardner

Jamie Carmichael

We made the decision to swap developers around three to four years ago, for us it’s been by far the best decision that we’ve made. When you change developers or engage with developers, there’s always a level of uncertainty, but for us, Ali and the team established trust very, very quickly. Projects themselves were managed… Continue reading Jamie Carmichael


We manage every single day to connect people, organisation and institutions. We went on the web and on special platforms to reach out with developers and companies that proposed that service. And that’s how also we used to meet with Codexia Tech and with Ali Illyas, which is our privileged contact there. And it was… Continue reading Sam

Raydell Gomez

I am CEO and founder of Live Cirkit, a mobile streaming application. I want to review Mohammed and his team’s execution and their dedication to this project that we’ve been working on for a couple of years now. They’ve been extremely communicative, hardworking, and their dedication to the project. Working with him and his team… Continue reading Raydell Gomez


My experience with Codexia Tech has been wonderful so far. They have been consistent. They have been more than innovative. They’ve taken my ideas and taken it to a whole other level. And even if I didn’t see a complete picture, they saw it. And we worked through our differences and our issues about it,… Continue reading Mike


I’d like to make this video to highly recommend the person we do that I work with now, I mean Mian. Mian was introduced to me by a friend of mine who worked also with him. Mian did a really good job with him and to tell you the truth, when we spoke together, he… Continue reading Jean