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Fri Dec 15 Jamie Carmichael

Fri Dec 15

We made the decision to swap developers around three to four years ago, for us it’s been by far the best decision that we’ve made. When you change developers or engage with developers, there’s always a level of uncertainty, but for us, Ali and the team established trust very, very quickly. Projects themselves were managed really well. At one point we had them working on four different projects, all very different in the level of complexity and needs, and we had fantastic outcomes for all of those. There’s definitely a ton of knowledge within that team and a ton of competency. For us, we genuinely couldn’t be happier with the outcomes that we’ve had, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more from Ali and the team, so it’s a huge thank you from us. We genuinely wouldn’t be where we are today without these guys, so we intend to keep working with them both short and long term. My advice to you if you’re feeling any level of uncertainty or doubt is to take a leap of faith with these guys, trust them, and start to work with this team, and good luck.

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